Twin Slot Brackets


Our twin slot brackets are available in black or white and in four sizes, 17cm, 22cm, 27cm and 37cm long (please see the illustration below).


To choose the right bracket size, just make sure that your brackets are not longer than your shelf depth. For example, if your shelves are 30cm deep, the 27cm brackets will be perfect, as they will leave 3cm from the end of the bracket to the front edge of the shelf.

If you’re not sure about which brackets or uprights to order, please feel free to contact us; we’re really happy to help! Or you can find this information on our Frequently Asked Questions page here: Practical Shelf FAQs

ImageVariationPriceQuantityAdd To Cart
White 17£2.20
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White 22£3.25
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White 27£4.20
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White 37£5.30
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Black 17£2.20
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Black 22£2.65
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Black 27£3.10
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Black 37£3.85
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How many brackets and uprights will you need?

Once you’ve decided on the colour and size of your brackets and uprights you’ll just need to decide how many you’re going to need.

As a guideline, we recommend at least 2 uprights for the first 100cm of shelf length and then at least one further upright for every additional 50cm or so of shelf length. Your may want to have more uprights than this if your shelves are going to be holding a lot of weight. There is more information about this on our FAQs page here: Practical Shelf FAQs or don’t hesitate to contact us; we’re really happy to help!